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Strategic actions to design the Roadmap for Schools

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One of the most important goals of Data Literate is to promote all project results in order to be adopted by schools. As agreed during the Transnational Project Meeting in Barcelona, all partners are strongly committed to this objective as they are taking charge of all the related tasks. First, schools are working to create reports of their pilots to demonstrate the effectiveness of Digital Data Literacy Plans/Learning Unit Plan’s implementation in classes. What they have done, what they learnt and what improvements can be done: these three aspects are at the heart of their reports. Schools are on their way for the results to be achieved – 4  Strategic Plans and 4 Roadmaps from Schools filled in by the end of February 2023. Moreover, schools will work to translate all the educational content in order to make the reuse easier for non-English-speaking colleagues. Another critical commitment is regarding the quantitative and qualitative survey filled by teachers, school managers and students. The results will inform all 4 Roadmap Plans in order to take in account all suggestions gathered from the three target groups. January 2023 is the month where the consortium is expected to have first drafts of the plans, which will be presented during the final multiplier events by the end of February.