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How to create your own lesson unit: a step-by-step practical module

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The training of trainers will finish soon but in the last moves teachers are facing the most challenging phase. In fact they are dealing with drafting their own lesson plan to bring Data Literacy in their classes. This task has been tackled with the help of the sixth module of the course content and INOVA+ is supporting school teachers in this phase. The module is thought with an introductory part referring to the use of data in educational plans, and specifically to the framework of the “Data Literacy plan in Queensland” as a good practice to get inspired by (see more). This framework suggests a methodology focused on analysing the purpose of the research, defining the possible solution and assessing the ethical concerns about the sources of information, the outputs and the targets. To implement in each proper lesson plan, teachers have been invited to follow a 5 steps process that includes:

  1. The definition of data and the debate among students
  2. The reflection on finding out what data students look for/ use in daily life
  3. The necessary support in teaching students to ask the questions/set hypothesis
  4. The instructions to guide students to build their own database and analyse results.
  5. The decision-making process based on evidence, to allow students to present their own research results

Beyond the technical part of the implementation, the main goal of this phase is to raise awareness on how data has the potential to inform decisions that impact in their everyday life, and it will be the focus of pilots that school will run soon.

Please find the Module 6 at this page.