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Data Literate Kick-off Meeting: let’s start work together!

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Eighteen persons of seven partners from three different timezones. From Lithuania to Portugal, this was the mix of ingredients for the kick-off meeting of Data Literate projects. The meeting took place on May the 6th with a half-a-day workshop to launch the implementation of the project funded under the Erasmus+ Programme that last October 2020 promoted extraordinary “Strategic Partnerships in Response of The Covid-19 Situation“.

Data Literate project has a well-defined and very specific mission to capacitate educators in Digital Data Literacy, through continuous professional development initiatives and hands-on, collaborative approach which will allow not just teachers, but also school leaders and students to increase their Digital Competences, in particular those related with digital data literacy for education.

The project consortium is coordinated by Vilnius University, in partnership with Dataninja and INOVA+, two European companies focused on digital and data driven training programmes. They will work with for secondary schools from Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Italy to create and pilot Data Literacy courses in their classes. Please see the Partners’ page for more details regarding the consortium members.

With the rapid schools’ shift to online learning, not just teachers, but also students and school leaders need to critically approach, filter and assess information, to identify disinformation and to manage the overload of information. Teachers and school leaders should nimbly use the information that is available to them to support student learning. Knowing how to communicate, marshal resources and tailor practice to student need are the same skills teachers need in a regular classroom setting but have taken on new urgency during COVID19. Becoming data literate is thus a skill set that educational communities must acquire and nurture increasingly.