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Course content: the first draft for training

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After working on creating the Capacity Building Plan, Dataninja and INOVA+ moved to the course content. It has been envisioned with 6 didactic modules with the aim of covering a knowledge base for training teachers on Data Literacy but also of including a quick guide to allow teachers to create their unit plans for lessons. It is why the course content includes six modules: first two modules are introductory about the competence of “Understanding Data”; second two modules on “Using Data”; the fifth of “Educational Data”; the sixth of “Draft Your Digital Data Literacy lesson plan”. Each module has been schematized in a syllabus with:

  • A table of Topics
  • The included sub-competences 
  • The expected learning outcomes

The course content has been released in the project website within a specific educational section as a unique repository of the educational material. Teachers are allowed to access it online through this section, or download it for offline use. Each module has been enriched with a personalized questionnaire in order to assess acquired competencies of teachers step-by-step. Please find the downloadable version of the syllabus at this link. Course content is available here.