Data Literate project has a well-defined and very specific mission to capacitate educators in Digital Data Literacy, through continuous professional development initiatives and hands-on, collaborative approach which will allow not just teachers, but also school leaders and students to increase their Digital Competences, in particular those related with digital data literacy for education.

The project has been funded within the European Commmission’s Erasmus+ Program as a Strategic Partnerships in Response of The Covid-19 Situation(please find here more details).

The evidence clearly shows not only the importance of data literacy within the context of a digitalized society, but also highlights its relevance to education.

With COVID19, “the demand for digital skills will grow with skills in demand (…) including (…) data literacy (…)” (Digital Education Action Plan).

By actively contributing to teachers’ high-quality CPD in the field DDL and through a holistic, collaborative approach which brings together school communities, as well as training & data literacy experts, the project will not only tackle specific European education challenges brought up by COVID19, but will at the same time address the Commission proposes to consolidate ongoing efforts and further develop the European Education Area along with dimensions to improve basic skills, including digital competences, facilitate international cooperation between education institutions, assure teachers and trainers have opportunities for continuous professional development. And finally, Data Literate has the added value by addressing both DigComp and DigCompEdu.

Please find the project page on the Erasmus+ website.